PERSONALISING YOUR TICKETS FOR Paul Elstak - 25 Years Rainbow in the Sky

For access to the event you need to personalise the entrance tickets for Paul Elstak - 25 Years Rainbow in the Sky. Personalisation is possible from 10 am on 13 June 2019.

Please take the following into account:

• Personalisation is compulsory for every visitor of Paul Elstak - 25 Years Rainbow in the Sky;

• Each ticket must be personalised individually;

• The tickets are sent to the main booker by e-mail (by the person who bought the tickets) AFTER all tickets have been personalised; 

• Personalisation is possible UNTIL 14 DECEMBER 2019;

 You will receive an e-mail from PayLogic when the personalisation period begins.

Step 1: Open your e-mail

Click on the link in your e-mail. This will redirect you to the personalization page of 25 Years Rainbow in the Sky.

Step 2: Start personalizing your ticket.

Click on the button on the personalization page to start personalizing your 25 Years Rainbow in the Sky ticket.

Step 3: Long-in with your RITS account.

You can create your RITS account in the process of personalization.

Step 4: Claim your ticket

After you are logged in, you’ll see an overview of all the tickets that are part of your order. The first thing you should do is claim a ticket for yourself.

Step 5: Invite your friends

After you have claimed your own ticket, go back to the order overview. Now you can invite your friends for the personalization process by clicking on the link ‘Invite’. Select ‘Copy link’ to open the personalization link, which you can send to all your friends. It is important that you do not share this link with people that are not part of the order, because this link is the key to your tickets. Remember: all your friends must personalize their tickets. They will also need a RITS account.

Step 6: Receive your tickets for 25 Years Rainbow in the Sky

After ALL your friends individually personalized their tickets, YOU (as head of the booking) will receive all the tickets in by email.

Step 7: Make sure everyone personalizes his/her ticket

After you have followed all the steps, you (as head of the booking) need to make sure that all your friends personalize their ticket. The sooner they do this, the faster you receive your tickets for 25 Years Rainbow in the Sky.

Step 8: Send the tickets to your friends

After you have received all your tickets, you can send them to your friends.

Good luck and we’ll see you at Paul Elstak - 25 Years Rainbow in the Sky!