The Darkraver

The Darkraver was born in The Hague as Stefan André Sweet. He also performs under the name Steve Sweet and is regarded, together with DJ Gizmo, as one of the pioneers of the Hague hardcore scene. Steve also came up with the well-known Hakkuh slogan, which symbolises the gabber dance style up until today. His musical career did not take off at first and he worked as a stripper/dancer, but also as a security guard. But after some time he became successful in music. Hardcore is the basis, but he also mixes this with other styles of music during his sets. In 1996 The Darkraver was chosen as the best hardcore DJ.

Mental Theo

Mental Theo forms a well-known duo with Charly Lownoise, but also performs solo. He began his musical career at a relatively high age. He originally performed as a DJ at Mallorca, but in the early nineties he decided to cooperate with Charly Lownoise. Happy hardcore scored many hits between 1994 and 1998, with Wonderful days as their biggest success. Mental Theo also took on many presentations on radio and TV. He worked for music channel TMF and radio station Slam FM! for a long time. He also presented several programmes at Veronica and RTL7. In 2014 he made the song Raving Beats together with Gin Dutch and host of the night, Paul Elstak.

Party Animals

Party Animals made a name for itself from the mid-nineties, initially with Happy Hardcore and later with Hardcore house. The three first singles all took first place in the Dutch charts. Debut single Have you ever been mellow (sung by Suzanna Mangar) was followed by Hava Naquila, which gained golden status. The third single was Aquarius, which even became platinum. The success did not remain limited to the national borders. After the year 2000 Party Animals kept a little quiet, but the music did not lose its force. Producers Jeff Porter and Jeroen Flamman formed a new group, which has had a busy agenda right up to this day.

2 Brothers of the 4th Floor

2 Brothers of the 4th Floor has been a leading musical export product since 1990. The brothers Martin and Bobby Boer are at the basis of the formation, but the big breakthrough came in 1993 when rapper René Philips (D-Rock) and singer Desirée Manders (Des’Ray) were involved. Their first collaboration resulted in, among others, Never Alone and Dreams, which reached the number 1 position. Until 2001, 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor had a subscription to hits, after which things were silent for some time.  A reunion came in 2006. This performance was obviously very moreish, as D-Rock and Des’Ray decided to perform more often again, to fully return in 2010. In 2016 2 Brothers also celebrated its silver anniversary with the album The Very Best Of (25th Anniversary Edition).